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Your dog may be experiencing some discomfort or pain. The crouching while walking and the stiffness you feel when you lift her could indicate that she is trying to protect a specific area of her body. There are several possible causes of this condition, including hip dysplasia, arthritis, injury or trauma, or a neurological disorder.The excessive purring and head rubbing could also be related to pain or discomfort. Cats often purr when they are in pain as a way to self-soothe. Head rubbing can also be a way to relieve discomfort, as the pressure may help to alleviate pain or itching in the affected area

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who is Dr.Tail?

    Dr.Tail is an online veterinary pet telehealth service that connects you with reliable veterinary experts over text-based consultations. Dr.Tail can help you decide when to see a vet in 30 minutes.

  • What is Premium Plan?

    Dr.Tail Premium is a subscription plan that grants you an access to unlimited consultations and other features helping you save time on vet travels and reducing overwhelming expenses on pet-related issues.

  • What is included in Premium Plan?

    Premium plan mainly includes an unlimited access to all veterinary supports whenever you need. And a personal vet expert will be matched to you for taking care of your pets closer. Also you can have free access to AI-analyzed similar cases and solutions we have dealt with.

  • Is Premium Plan free?

    It is a paid plan, however, we offer a 15 day-free trial for new subscribers. If you haven’t tried before, you can use Dr.Tail freely for 15 days. A payment won’t be placed unless you don’t cancel subscription.