Get Rid Of Fleas and Ticks on Your Pet

How to kill or prevent fleas & ticks on your pet
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When you see your pet playing in the grass, you suddenly start worrying. What if they get fleas and ticks throughout their body? Fleas and ticks thrive in the summer due to hot and humid weather. What if they take a trojan horse through my pet and occupy my house this summer? I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Two goals: securing your pet and your house

The best course of action would be getting rid of fleas and ticks before the pet returns to the house. However, you won’t be successful every time, so let’s worry about your pet first and think about your house later.

Step 1. How to kill or prevent fleas & ticks on your pet

  • First, talk to your vet. There are a lot of treatments such as a flea and tick collar, topical preventatives, and chewable preventatives; however, you need to find the treatment that best fits your situation. It has to be suitable, but also safe.
  • Use a flea shampoo & a comb. Flea shampoos and combs are the best combination to get rid of fleas and ticks on your pet’s fur and hair. You should pay special attention to areas around their neck and tail.
  • Throw all your pet’s bedding in hot, soapy water! Hot water and soap exterminate all fleas. Wash rugs, bedding, bath mats, and any blanket or cushion your pet spends a lot of time on.

  • Step 2. How to kill or prevent fleas & ticks on your home

  • Vacuum everything you can touch. Vacuum everything you see and change the vacuum bag every time you vacuum. You should vacuum the areas your pet loves at least once a week. If you can launder the area as well, it’s even better.
  • Outdoor maintenance. Mow your lawn and trim down shrubs to lower the chance of fleas and ticks infecting your pet. Additionally, spray your yard with nontoxic flea treatment for further prevention.
  • Calling an exterminator is the last resort. If your methods no longer seem to be working, you have no choice but to call an expert.

  • Summary: the sooner you start, the better

    No matter how hard you try, sometimes you inexplicably face fleas and ticks. Don’t get frustrated and minimize the damage by acting on these instructions.

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